ERK Rally Team

ERK Rally

ERK Rally is a group of motorsport enthusiasts who have been passionate about rallying for many years. Since 2012 the team has remained unchanged, which makes it a tightly knit ensemble that performs like clockwork. We take part in events that are mainly gravel rallies in Lithuania and Latvia (LARC and LRC), in Poland (SzuterCup and RSPWiM) and local events such as Rallysprint and KJS.

ERK Rally Kierowca Robert Kocik

Robert Kocik

d.o.b.  26.05.1973

Every team needs a boss and on many levels Robert is the one who calls the shots in this one. He has a weakness for everything that is fast, not excluding trucks. Away from the dusty roads he is a businessman and father of five adorable kids. He is extremely sociable and a great host, which let’s face it, are those qualities that make him a charismatic boss.

Peugeot 206RC i XS, Subaru Impreza,
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII i IX, Ford Fiesta Proto

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Pilot zespołu ERK Rally

Grzegorz Rybak-Ostojski

d.o.b. 20.10.1974

He has dedicated almost his entile adult life to rallying, however becoming the team’s co-pilot was entirely accidental- He was hired in the nick of time and very soon turned out to be a good choice. His nickname around friends and team mates is ‘Fish’ (Polish: Ryba [ree-bah] ). He is meticulous, patient, always well-informed and organized; aren’t those not the qualities of a professional co-driver?! When not in rally car seats he is a goal oriented salesman and, unfortunately for the girls out there, already taken.

Peugeot 206RC, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII i IX, BMW 635 CSi, Ford Fiesta Proto

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ERK Rally Marek Poniewierka

Marek Poniewierka

born 1972

He is a one-man band, a motorsport nut, who also races succesfully in Lithuania.

In his professional life he is also a manager, this time in a large corporation, responsible for sales and customer relations in Eastern Europe. Everybody knows Marek!


ERK Rally Mechanik Paweł Świątkowski

Paweł Świątkowski

Head of mechanics team.
Extensive experience and knowledge gained at RSMP (Polish Rally Championships), among others.

ERK Rally Mechanik Dominik Rokicki

Dominik Rokicki

Assistant Mechanic. He is a man of all sweetness and light.
Exceptionally dedicated to the craft and always ready to help.

…and not only racing

We give our support to ‘Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’ (Polish: WOŚP) by offering rides to bidders at the charity event.

We organize rally events on gravel track sections near Olsztynek.

We also sell advertising space on our racing car.