International and domestic transport of liquid chemicals

Międzynarodowy i krajowy przewóz chemii płynnej przewozy ADR

The company was initially created by a young and ambitious entrepreneur who so far has been able to perform effectively within the company structure. We are in the business of forwarding goods across Europe

We specialize in the transportation of liquid chemicals to Russia and other Eastern European countries. Our experience guarantees the quality and level of our service. We are pride ourselves on constantly working on continuous improvement.

Looking for an experienced freight forwarder?

About us


Eurotter Logistics
Transport and logistics
Liquid chemicals
and ADR loads.


Eurotter Transport
Specialized transport
across Europe
and Eastern Europe.


Eurotter RK GmbH
Specialized transport
across Europe
and Eastern Europe.


ERK Service
Truck service,
automobile, semi-trailer
and tire services.

Our strenghts

Eurotter Group forwards goods and freight thanks to two transport entities: Eurotter Transport  and Eurotter RK GmbH. This gives us an organizational edge, great flexibility and greater transport competitiveness, especially on the volatile Russian market.

We use the latest and most ecological technical solutions on offer: from tractors and semi-trailers to the latest generation, through a range of solutions to maintain the physical properties of the goods we carry.

Our mission

  • Expertise
  • High quality of service
  • Caring for the customer
  • Innovation
  • Passion